Division of Condensed Matter Physics and Photon Science

  • Gang Chen

    Assistant Professor、PI

    X-ray, optics, nanomaterials, green energy

  • Gang Li

    Assistant Professor、PI

    Theoretical condensed matter physics

  • Huaidong Jiang


    X-ray imaging, crystal materials

  • Jiamin Xue

    Assistant Professor、PI

    Using scanning probe microscopy and magneto transport techniques to study low dimensional materials.

  • John A. McGuire

    Associate Professor, PI

    Ultrafast and nonlinear optical probes of condensed matter,optical properties of low-dimensional materials

  • Liu Xiao-Jing

    Associate Professor, PI

    Atomic Molecular Physics

  • Ping Yu

    Assistant Professor、PI

    scanning probe microscopy, molecular electronics and ultrafast dynamics of nano-structures

  • Shichao Yan

    Assistant Professor、PI

    scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy, quantum materials, atomic spin dynamics

  • Shuo Guo

    Assistant Professor, PI

    Soft Condensed Matter Physics

  • Weimin Liu

    Assistant Professor、PI

    Nonlinear optics and Ultrafast spectroscopy

  • Weishi Wan


    Beam dynamics problems in charged particle accelerators, charged particle optics and thermal hydraulics problems in nuclear reactors

  • Xiaoping Liu



  • Xuerong Liu

    Associate Professor, PI

    X-ray resonant/non-resonant, elastic/in-elastic scattering

  • Yanfeng Guo

    Assistant Professor、PI

    New Quantum Materials


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