Division of Condensed Matter Physics and Photon Science

  • Yanpeng Qi

    Assistant Professor, PI

    Physical properties under high pressure & Design and synthesis of new superconductors

  • Yi-Fan Huang

    Assistant Professor, PI

    Physical Electrochemistry and In-Situ Characterization of Electrochemical Interfaces

  • Yong Yang

    Assistant Professor、PI

    catalysis, reaction kinetics

  • Youqi Ke

    Assistant Professor、PI

    Nanoelectronic Device and Large-scale Material Simulation

  • Zhaoru Sun

    Assistant Professor, PI

    Soft Condensed Matter Physics; Computational Physics

  • Zhi Liu

    Vice Dean, Professor

    Materials Science, Solid State Physics, Condensed Matter Physics

  • Zhongkai Liu

    Assistant Professor、PI

    Angle Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy, Electronic structure of advanced material


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